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When looking for work at home, you need to compare as many choices as possible.  Be smart and get information on businesses that REALLY interest you.

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Note: These are Home Based Business Opportunities - NOT JOBS. 
This is a chance to have your OWN business as opposed to working for someone else. 
If you are looking for a JOB, as an employee, these are NOT for you.


Lia Sophia - Live your dreams to TODAY with lia sophia. Join a team with a proven success record and a Certified Business Coach as your mentor!


Candle Biz From Home -
Curiously strong scented natural wax candles, soy based body products, elite mineral make up embracing a lucrative compensation plan!


Work at home with Internet CEO Moms! We offer a free website and training. Best of all there's no selling, no inventory, no collecting money and no delivering products.



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